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Big bite? Or little bite? – I digress & rant!

Health and Lifestyle You don’t need to be a genius to know those two go together.  They are cause/effect – the way I’ve written them and in reverse.  Which came first?  Maybe lifestyle. I’ve been embroiled in pro se litigation with my child’s father (aka my ex) since September of 2013 regarding child support & […]

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Probiotics and oral tolerance induction

Probiotics healing allergies? Ok, I’m not doctor – my running mantra – but I am curious as all shit.  And the last week has felt very depressing to me.  My son is now 8 and he continues to have allergies and asthma.  Ok, we go back mid-February for blood draw & allergist so I’m keeping […]

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Vitamin C, IgE, allergies & asthma

I posted some here about our use of lypospheric vitamin C here and here. But this post is about how we landed on lypospheric vitamin C to begin with. We wove our way to the lypospheric vitamin C. Vitamin C and Seasonal Allergies In the spring of last year (2012) I believe, my son started […]

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