chile farm land

Agricultural Real Estate in the South of Chile Specializing in Farm Land and Tourist Development Land
chile farm land
chile farm land

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Agricultural Real Estate in the South of Chile
Specializing in Farm Land, Ranch and Tourist Development Land

Chile Farm Land is located in the Region of the Rivers located in the South of Chile close to Latitude 40º. This area is characterized by its very agreeable temperate climate with temperatures ranging between 77 and 86º degrees F (25 - 30º C) during thesummer months, and between 50 and 59º degrees F (10 and 15º C) in the winter. The annual avarage precipitation is 78 inches of rain (2.000 mm). Only occationally will the temperatures drop below freezing.

chile farm landchile farm landchile farm land

Valdivia is the main city in the area with a population of 120,000 inhabitants. It is located along the banks of the
river with the same name, and is only 12 miles (20 Kms.) from the Pacific Ocean. The city is well connected
through highways with the rural areas of the province and has an airport with two daily flights to Santiago. The main
attraction of this zone is its touristy landscapes with a variety of large blue-green lakes and sailing rivers. Many
properties offer waterfronts and the rights to use them for irrigation. The quality of the land is excellent, highly

Primarily, we offer farm land for sale that is optimal for the feeding and raising of cattle, housing milk stations and the
cultivation of wheat, oat, potatoes and other seeds on areas that extend from an avarage of 250 to 1,250
acres (100 to 500 hectars).

For those interested in the tourist development business, we also offer land of smaller sizes, or if preferred, very large
haciendas or estates. Chile farm land is always a secure property investment.

The land, particularly in this part of southern Chile, offers a selection of numerous successful fruit plantations such as
apple-trees, European hazel-nut, as well as the cultivation of blueberries, cranberries, strawberries and rasberries. In
those areas, closer to the mountains at the feet of the Andes Cordillera, we offer excellent grounds to propagate pine
forest and eucaliptus, as well as land with native forest.

For consultation and information on any of the properties or type of land that interests you, please feel free to contact us.

We will be delighted to assist you as well as provide you with complete detailed information and photographs of the
properties we offer.

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